Shapers The Salon is proud to say that we are nearly 35 years strong, and 30 years of practicing green business.
We believe in keeping business locally in Michigan, the Midwest and most importantly, America. With our principal product (Aveda) headquartered and manufactured in Minnesota and other tools and products manufactured in various parts of the country and globe, we are proud to say that more than 95% of the goods we sell are American made. Moreover, Shapers is pleased to say that when work is contracted out, whether it is IT, construction, advertising, or printing it’s done with local companies.
We are proud to be known as a company of style. We educate our customers on the finer points of a classic, tailored look executed with modern techniques and precision.
At Shapers the Salon and Don Angelos, we don’t sell a service. We sell an experience. It is the experience that keeps people coming back.