Shapers The Salon is proud to say that we are nearly 25 years strong, 20 years Saginaw County Chamber member, and 20 years of practicing green business practices.

We believe in keeping business in Saginaw, Michigan, the Mid-West and most importantly, America. With our principal product (AVEDA) headquartered and manufactured in Minnesota and other tools and product manufactured in various parts of the country and globe, we are proud to say that more than 95% of the goods we sell are American made. Moreover, Shapers is pleased to say that when work is contracted out, whether it is I.T., construction, advertising, or printing it’s done with Saginaw companies.

We are proud to be known as a company of style. We educate our customers on the finer points of a classic tailored look executed with modern techniques and precision.

At Shapers, we don’t sell a service. We sell an experience. It is the experience that keeps people coming back.


Education is what sets Shapers apart from all others. All new hires are taught and tested on contemporary and classic color, cut and finish. Failure to test out results in a drop from the program. Only 60% pass through the program. So you can be confident that your stylist/barber is trained to the highest level. Through continuous education, our team is given the tools needed to perfect their trade. It is our education program that allows our team members to grow in their trade.

The Team

At Shapers we are a team. Each team member knows that they are only as good as the person next to them. Working together is key to our business; if a person falls, a team mate is there to help them back up. Our team at Shapers knows that when one shines, we all shine.


Giving back to the community is very important to us. We know that Shapers would not exist without the community. For years, Shapers has given to many non-profits. Three and a half years ago we started a fundraising event called The Day of Giving. Each team member gives their time and service to a worthy cause. This past year we gave to the Reyes Osuna Children’s Memorial Fund, a foundation that helps under privileged kids from Jesse Rouse Elementary in the city of Saginaw. Over the past three years, The Day of Giving has raised over $22,000. Just recently our team has gone above and beyond again by raising $2,400 for the Alliance for the Great Lakes, an organization whose main purpose is to preserve our state’s greatest natural resource, the Great Lakes.

Beyond raising money for multiple charities, our team is involved locally as well. Shapers has representation at organizations throughout the county. We are proud to say that we have team members that are part of

  • Saginaw County Chamber of Commerce
  • CAN Counsel
  • Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum
  • YPN
  • Saginaw Leadership
  • Great Lakes Bay Hispanic Business Association
  • Girls on the Run
  • and many more.

Our Team
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